30 January 2007

Introduction message

Welcome to this new blog.

This space will contain reflections and perspectives about a type of "Global Warming" that affects human society like Climatic Change affects the Natural Environment of our Planet.

Changes in human societies are as natural as changes in Earth's atmosphere, litosphere and biosphere.
The rythm and nature of changes made in recent historical periods are breaking the natural balance, reaching levels that imply serious risks for the survival of many species (included ourselves).
In a parallel (and not completely independent) process, changes in social structures are accelerating in an uncontrolled way that causes several social and personal disorders and could eventually determine the decline of a civilisation.

This blog will collect different ideas and hints that could help to describe the process of "Global Social Warming", from the macroscopic collective events to the microscopic personal anecdotes. As evidence amounts and characteristics are identified, we may be able to provide an structured perspective that could explain the observed fenomena and eventually propose solutions.

This is a space open to anybody who wants to contribute with news or reflections about the subject, because I believe that identification and solution of solutions must be a collective process.


Anonymous said...

It might sound silly, I know global warming has indirect effect on the society. But can global warming classify under social issues?

A.Olmedo said...

Yes, I believe that Global Warming is mostly a social issue. Nature and climate went through several cycles without impact from or on humans.
Now we labeled "Global Warming" to a cycle that
1) is highly influence by human action and
2) has a big influence on the way how societies are organized and use their resources.